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John Seboldt shares his work as a creative church musician, bringing a wide background to liturgical worship:
Origin in a classic Lutheran tradition of hymnody and worship
Organ performance and service playing in the classic tradition (graduate work at The University of Iowa)
16 years of experience in contemporary Roman Catholic worship, balancing classic tradition with newer expressions
A love of the history and practice of the Church's worship across the ages - "what are we doing, and why"
An understanding of leading a singing assembly, both the short-run issues (how to play, what helps singing) and the long-term issues (style balance, building a congregation's repertoire systematically)
An improvisational, spontaneous spirit that brings the right sort of accompaniment to less traditional styles (branching into the piano or synthesizer as needed)
Motivation and leadership of volunteer parish choirs - consideration balanced with challenge
Music/liturgy leadership roles in parish and wider church settings (worship committees, diocesan/synod worship boards/commissions)
Technological support for worship - sound systems, acoustics, computers, publications, organ building/maintenance

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