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BBC Radio 3 Choral Evensong


BBC Choral Evensong (external link) - a long-running program of (mostly) live broadcast programs from the finest church music establishments in the Isles and beyond. The Anglican tradition is the main focus, but there have been plenty of interesting variations, including a trip to St. Petersburg for an Orthodox Vespers, and visits to the finest Roman Catholic establishments such as the London Oratory and Westminster Cathedral. Each program (Wednesdays at 4 pm UK time) is available for a full week following initial broadcast. Also check out the "Programmes on Demand" section on the right side of the main page (external link) for other fine programs, er, programmes.

When showing an expatriate Brit the links to the BBC, he was amazed that it was available free to the rest of the world, since within Britain the BBC is supported by required license fees for each television and radio receiver! Thanks to the people of the UK for their support (even if involuntary...)

For a fine writeup on the program, see this little article from the Church Times (external link) ...

Another link with more Choral Evensong information here (external link)

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