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The Internet is more than e-mail now, and radio is much more than what you pick up on your tabletop now. Folks have worked hard to cram audio and video into the relatively limited bandwidth "pipe" of the Internet. When I started, even dial-up would get you a few services, but these days it will take a high-speed connection (cable modem, DSL, etc). Got a smartphone with data plan? It will do pretty well too depending on signal and speed.

The dumbing down of the media scene in the US leaves only a few outlets that don't sink to the Jerry Springer level - and even public radio and TV have to be more careful, moving in a more populist direction simply to stay afloat and raise funds from a broad base. This makes the Internet the medium of choice for more "specialized" programming, like the kind of material church music lovers crave. So here's my short list - let me know of more.

As a service to church music lovers... I know I'm a little on the border here, but I can't resist sharing some of these on a delayed basis. I have an archive of BBC Choral Evensong broadcasts (external link) going back to 2002, which has a modest following among Anglophiles. A number of the other programs below are saved less systematically, longer if they're not available on CD - an archive of these is found here (external link).

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