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KTOTV, Paris Offices monastiques

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KTOTV, the cable channel of the Archdiocese of Paris, has live and recorded video versions of daily monastic offices from theFraternités Monastiques de Jerusalem, (external link) held at the famous church of Saint-Gervais? in Paris. The liturgies are celebrated jointly by the separate communities of brothers and sisters, in an unpolished but movingly genuine four-part harmonized style reminiscent of modern Orthodox choral practice. Prostrations, bowings, candle-lightings, and other rich ceremonial, as well as instrumental "meditations" on guitar or the historic Cliquot organ are some of the elements that make for a rich and varied prayer experience. A video and audio program (RealPlayer required) that really begs for a high-speed connection for adequate video.

All programs are listed in the NOS EMISSIONS (Our Programs) scroll box on the left. Click on a program for available videos of past episodes. The programs in question are:

Office des Laudes (external link) (Office of Lauds, or Morning Prayer)
Office du milieu du jour (external link) (Midday Prayer)
Vêpres et messe à St Gervais (external link) (Vespers and Mass at Saint-Gervais)

Other programs and services may have musical content of interest - explore them and let me know!

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