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NWR Geistliche Musik


NWR - Nordwestradio (external link), Bremen, Germany, is a joint venture of Radio Bremen and NDR. Its music program is mostly light pop oriented, but surprisingly, there's "musica sacra" on Saturdays at 18:00, and Sundays at 07:05. These incorporate many local recordings by Radio Bremen not available on CD.

At 10:05 is "radio church", alternating catholic, "evangelisch" and ecumenical. There will be some good church music content here sometimes, like this exceptional service (external link) from the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche? in Berlin. Just as often, though, the music will be very average, with just as many attempts to please everybody as we experience stateside (more "pop" oriented styles mixed in with the chorales).

Format: 128kbps mp3
Playlists: Yes
Listen on demand: No
but check my archive of some recorded programs here (external link)

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