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Pipedreams (external link) - Minnesota Public Radio's long-running organ program, hosted by Michael Barone, has complete listings of all programs since the series began. Even more, you can listen to complete programs from the last several years - rotten fidelity for the first few, quite acceptable sound since about Feb. 2003. You can make contributions specifically to support Pipedreams online programming - I've done it, since there's no local public radio music programming here in Milwaukee. Alternative listening sites: check (external link) for a wonderful service that automatically directs you to live webcast times from stations around the country (even calculating time zone differences for you!)

(NOTE that older programs are slowly being upgraded to the current standard -
also, more and more earlier programs are also being added as Michael's time permits)

mp3, 128 kbps (most recent), requires Flash player
Windows Media, 32 kbps Real 32 kbps (through 1/9/2006)
Real 20 kbps, extremely poor fidelity due to badly-processed files (through 2/3/2003), much better after that date
Listen on demand: Yes (all available)
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