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SR2 Kulturradio (external link) (Saaländische Rundfunk, Saarbrücken, Germany) has a nice rich selection of sacred music on Sunday mornings. The total time frame with the most sacred content is from 7-10 am German time, with the obligatory Bach cantata of the day placed at the beginning of the 8 am hour. A half-hour religious program at 9 am (Kirche und Welt/Church and World, with varied topics) is followed by a few more sacred selections.

Then at 10 am, live worship broadcasts might include some fine church music content, but just as often the music is average, or burdened with the same perceived need to include "pop" style music that we often encounter in North America. Even famous churches are not immune to this eclecticism: this broadcast from the Ludgerikirche, Norden (external link) (famous for its Schnitger organ), featured a brass choir with popsy-sounding repertoire, the "Ludgeri Gospel Singers" singing spirituals in English, and, oh yes, some hymns with the famous organ...

In addition, Musik an der Saar at 17:30 Saturdays, featuring regional musicians, will often include organ and sacred music performances.

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