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A notice of Gladwell's death on October 15, 2009, came to my attention via a church music mailing list. His obituary is here. (external link)

With Heart and Voice (external link) - Richard Gladwell hosts a wide range of recorded choral and organ music. The syndicated one-hour show is aired on public radio stations around the country - see (external link) for a nifty listing of all webcasts (it even takes care of time zone differences for you!). , From its home base, WXXI in Rochester, NY (external link), the program is two hours, from 8 to 10 am (Eastern time) on Sunday.

For a long time, this was one of the few such items on public radio, but with the discovery of so many other domestic and international possibilities, lately it's seemed a bit dull to me. This is combined with the low fidelity of WXXI's feed is somewhat marginal... it is one of the most extreme cases of excessive audio compression I have heard on classical radio internet streams, with even soft passages brought up to the same volume level as the loudest, with the accompanying audio artifacts. In addition, their audio level is way too low, about 15 dB below the maximum.

Format: mp3, up to 96 kbps
Problems: Severe audio compression, low audio levels
Playlists: Yes (only for national 1-hour version)

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